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WINTER is here!


“Welcome to Winter Driving…Where Lanes Are Made Up and Stop Signs Are Optional”--- Anonymous

Are you ready for winter?  It’s here rather we are or not.  Some love this time of year, others not so much.  Either way, you and your motorized sled need to be ready for the winter conditions in our area.  Being ready will ease the cold winter months.  If you are handy when it comes to vehicles you can prep your vehicle yourself, but if not, a trusted mechanic shop is the way to go.  Below are our suggestions of what to have inspected, repaired when needed, and/or preformed to have your vehicle is tip top snow princess or prince shape:

v  Tire inspection.

o   Are they in good shape, do they have enough tread for safe driving on winter roads?  Snow tires are a good idea if they’re in your budget.

o   Is the air pressure correct for colder temperatures? Look at your door sticker to see the correct tire air pressure for your tires and vehicle.  Different vehicles and tires require different pressure.

v  Wiper blades.

o   What kind of condition are they in?  We suggest replacing your blades every six months.  One of those times at the end of fall, so they are fresh and ready to wipe your snow away.

v  Evaluate your emergency supplies kit or add on to your vehicle if you haven’t yet.

o   Be prepared, like a boy scout.  Consider having the following in your kit:

§  Tire pressure gauge

§  Tire inflator

§  Blankets, water, flashlight, extra batteries

§  Jumper cables

§  Phone charger

§  First aid kit

v  Check the vehicle battery

o   How old is your battery?  Have the cables and terminal checked for corrosion.  A mechanic can test your battery to see how healthy it is.

v  Check vehicle fluids.

o   If your vehicle is due for a service, have the service performed before winter.  If your vehicle is due for a full-on service, check all the fluids to ensure proper levels.


o   In our colder climates, the correct levels of antifreeze is a must.  The correct ratio of antifreeze to water is important.

v  Wash your vehicle often.

o   In the areas we live in, salt is used on the roads to melt ice.  Wash your vehicle often to keep the salt from eroding your paint and undercarriage.  A rusted car is an unhappy car.

v  Check the cabin air filter.

o   Not many people think of replacing this filter.  This filter cleans the outside air before it enters the car.  A clogged cabin air filter can cause your heater not to work properly, keeping you toasty.

v  Check your vehicle’s belt and hoses.

o   Cold temperatures can cause belts and hoses to malfunction and squeak.  Have these inspected every fall.

v  Brake check.

o   Inspect your vehicle’s brakes to ensure they are working properly.  On icy roads, it’s hard enough to stop.

Any other questions about winterizing your vehicles, please feel free to call the location that is closest to you or email us at  We would be more than happy to help you with all your vehicle needs.


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